Many of my closest folks call me Cass. I'm so honored you are here, reading in my little corner of space in the world. That's a connection I'm already humbled by! My photography has been an exploration of self, a drive for deeper meaning, and the greatest tool of connection to so many brilliant souls I've had the honor to create with. It's my passion, my calling, and the thing that has kept a lifeline tethered to my deepest sense of self.  
 It took me many years to find my path. I think that must be one of the most beautiful privileges of growing older - the opportunity to truly get to know yourself in a communion of mind and soul. As an artist, this has been of the utmost importance for my growth, skill, and understanding in what makes meaningful photographs. 

I'm the mother of two beautiful girls - full of sunshine and fire. Motherhood broke me and put me back together in the same breath - a life never the same but infinitely more precious for all of the new facets and edges. I see the world differently and I photograph it through that unique lens. 

I want to climb trees and get grass stains on our knees. I want to photograph your children's dirty faces, sticky hands, and missing teeth. I want meet on the realest level of authenticity because life is just too short for anything else.

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I often describe my style as 'non-traditional'. More specifically documentarian with an editorial feel. I don't prefer to pose my subjects, but rather guide them in a comfortable and relaxed space into authentic connection with one another. Many people have said that my photos have feeling to them - this isn'y by chance but a combination of my years and skill at putting you at ease and also my own personal essence in creating imagery of your unique magic. 

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